Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ted Haggard's gay - NOT that there's anything wrong with that

So the leader of tens of thousands of evangelicals turns out to be homosexual? So what. There are a lot of worse things that a man could do.

Like what, you ask? Well, how about being homosexual and telling your flock how it's evil to be homosexual. Yeah, that's pretty bad. How about encouraging your followers to vote for a CO state constitutional amendment that will make it so that gays and lesbians aren't afforded the right to engage in the same legal and social contracts (and it's the government and society and not the church that has the power to bewtow those rights as ALL marriages are simply legally recognized contracts - I'll post a real-world example later that demonstrates how little power the church really has when it comes to marriage) as heterosexuals. That's pretty bad, too, but since Haggard is married with five children, maybe deep down he thinks that the purpose of marriage is to produce offspring. Okay. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. Hey - you get off on crystal meth? Well, I'm not even so bad on that as long as you don't hurt anyone else. But there's the rub...

The problem is, Ted Haggart doesn't believe any of it. Not one lick. He simply saw a group of empty people and a business opportunity. He pretended to be a good and honest follower of the Cristian faith and told them that that he knew how to assure them a place in heaven. He told them that he was one of them and took advantage of them. He told them that everyone who isn't like him and like them - homosexuals, drug users, liberals, people who don't honor their marriage vows - is evil and a scourge on society. But, in the end, it's Ted Haggard - he who weekly spoke with and advised the President of the United States of America on matters of faith - is the evil one.

It's not radical Islam, I know, but is it really that much different to use other people's faith to achieve your own ends? I don't think so. The solution, to me, is simple: think for yourself. You don't need god and you certainly don't need this guy to tell what is right and what is wrong. And, if you are a good and decent person, it is incumbent upon you to question anything that he told you. I mean, do you really want to be like Ted Haggard?